The Kiltartan Poetry


by Lady Gregory
The Grief of
a Girl’s Heart
A Lament for
Fair-Haired Donough
that Was Hanged
in Galway
Raftery’s Praise
of Mary Hynes
His Lament for
His Praise of
the Little Hill
and the Plains
of Mayo
His Lament for
His Vision
of Death
His Repentance
His Answer When
Some Stranger Asked
Who He Was
A Blessing on
Patrick Sarsfield
An Aran Maid’s
A Poem Written
in Time of Trouble
by an Irish Priest
Who Had Taken
Orders in France
The Heart of
the Wood
An Craoibhin Complains
Because He Is
a Poet
He Cries Out
Against Love
He Meditates on
the Life of a
Rich Man
Forgaill’s Praise
of Columcille
The Deer’s Cry
The Hymn of
Molling’s Guest,
the Man Full
of Trouble
The Hag of Beare
I. The Seven Heavens
II. The Journey of the Sun
III. The Nature of
the Stars
The Call to Bran
The Army of
the Sidhe
Credhe’s Complaint
at the Battle of
the White Strand
A Sleepy Song that
Grania Used to Be
Singing over Diarmuid
the Time They Were
Wandering and Hiding
from Finn
Her Song to Rouse
Him from Sleep
Her Lament
for His Death
The Parting of Goll
and His Wife
The Death of Osgar
Oisin’s Vision
His Praise of Finn
Oisin after the
The Foretelling of
Cathbad the Druid
at Deirdre’s Birth
Deirdre’s Lament for
the Sons of Usnach
Emer’s Lament
for Cuchulain
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